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Must Watch Undercover Investigation at Kingston Public Hospital


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 Tyrone Reid went undercover at the Kingston Public Hospital where he uncovered instances of inadequate patient care and the rundown state of the facilities.

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  • K Added Thought this was about kph and not the police wow u strayed big time kmt:unamused:
  • Sad Jamacian Added This did not happen over night this is a long standing problem.This is because the politicians and their friends do not have to use the facility
  • Mary Palmer Added Dr. Christopher Tufton the Minister of Health and the Primr Minister needs to see this. This is dealing with human lives.
  • heather Added i thought this was an old ppl home with the clothes on the rail patient families r responsible for their family clothes not the hospital so them hanging is the family fault not the hospital and old ppl or anyone who the nurses think will hurt themselves or others are tied to their beds allover the world even in the us but they call it some fancy word n it's ok i live in Barbados n we tie patients so tell me u have an old person who keeps getting out of bed who will fall an they sick so what to do let them fall or tie them i was in the hospital and the old lady next to me keep taking off her clothes and her pamper full of stool or piss and throwing it at the nurses or other patients so what do u do in a case like that leave ? those persons where tied for a reason they should make a padding with gauze b4 they they put the piece of gauze to tie . sheets need to be on those bed those mattress sweat u bad they will give bedridden patients sores i was 1 broken wheelchair u were they for how many days n only got a pic of 1 that hospital needs cleaning but who put the stuff where there r workers so call them nasty i'm sure there r garbage bags they can put u wanted things in u when in undercover porter it's the porters who r to keep the place clean so y they not moving the mattress , old clothes, broken down bed, and more ,in Barbados if a ward is full they leave them in A n E or send them home the patient in the hallway in your video at least have a fun no inadequate care there i have not seen any inadequate care in your video i see a dirty hospital not being taken care of by its' workers i'm sure there is a place outside the hospital where they can pack the mattress n broken bed in a corner but those porters r nasty n u want the goverment to do what teach them how do be clean in some cases person need to take responsibility n stop calling on goverment
  • Alan's Cole Added Stop introducing yourself everyday. Don't you know how to edit videos for publication. Also if you don't have pictures or videos of the incident don't say anything. The hospital is in deplorable condition and needs immediate attention but you and your team need a lesson in undercover reporting
  • Tricia Gray Added This has been an issue for years I viewed a similar investigation back in 2005 and the conditions have worsened
  • Sunshine Samantha James Added This bad, u Want see me a dead with laugh in the ppl them bus, them must know say me a Jamaican