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Gully Bop a Talk di Things Dem Pan Chin


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  • kay0303 Added This is foolishness shouldn't be a laughing stock on social media. If you both need to go your separate ways do so in a more dignified manner. Shame on the people who are video ing this and telling gully bop what to say . Stay the fuck out of it when two people used to fuck and have disagreement now they might get together again and who look bad they will for a while but you who sticks your noses in their love life going to be even more shame. If both of you can get conselling and get past this do so and keep it out if the media. The media makes and it breaks people so be careful what you both put out there. No need for name calling and putting each other down. Deal with this like adults. Chin you had the nerves to fuck him and when he was deep in the gully so now he is almost on top of the hill and only need some teeth and getting exposure what is the fuck you doing if it's ture about taken a next man in his house keep it classy. Gully pob you are lucky she is not a bad looking lady out in public with you my hats goes off to her because I couldn't do it so stop acting gully and train your self to be more modern and stop talking about eating pussy what happen in ones bedroom stays there the woman vagina is cleaner than any human mouth so stop acting damn dark and foolish. Let me tell both of you this words say on social media about broken relationship will be a sore tumb if you decide to get back together. Smarten the fuck up both of fucking you