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Woman Defends Portia Simpson In Heartfelt Facebook Post



This terms staging of the General Elections in Jamaica on February 25th 2016 could be considered one of the most competitive to date due to both parties pulling out their all and campaigning non-stop to get an edge over the other.


Lines were drawn and the spirit of competition took over as even families and friends stood on either side of the fence in support of their favourite party. Verbal ‘bashings’ of the Ministers was the trend and one such recipient who was first on everyone’s tongue was the Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller.

For years Simpson-Miller has been criticized on her ruler-ship methodologies by some opposition supporters and even bashed for not having children or even for being consistent with her now famous hair-style. With this being the case; A woman decided; enough is enough and made a facebook post expressing her disgust at persons that constantly attempted to put down a strong woman who has worked hard to achieve her role as Prime Minister.



“For years I have watched Jamaican men and women tear this woman down. I’ve seen them degrade her to nothing as if she doesn’t exist. Let me ask you all a question, unuh say she dunce and can’t run a country, how many principals in the top high schools in Jamaica can teach every subject taught at the school? Portia Simpson Miller alone cannot run a country it’s a collective effort and we the people have very big part to play.

You have these men in politics who style the woman as plastic bag and john crow, huh, yet you seek the respect of the people. This woman whether we like to admit it or not has done a lot for this country, but like so many before, she can do so much and no more.

What pains me is when I see other women calling her an idiot, saying she dunce and old she fi go breed. Ya’ll need to take a step back and analyze what you just said, because obviously your only purpose here is to have as many children as possible whether or not you can afford to, then unuh same one turn round and ask the woman fi help.

She’s a woman first and a prime minister second and I would have loved to see more women congratulating her rather then degrading her. Ya’ll need to stop disrespecting the woman and go and look in the mirror, because it must be a lack of self love and respect why you can see another and tear them down.

It pains to the core. But all I have to say is, whether you like it or not, Portia Simpson Miller worked her ass off to get where she is today and she deserve every bit of success that goes her way.

One Love and Respect Hon. Portia Simpson Miller”

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