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Usain Bolt back in 10 days

Jamaicans and global track and field fans can now rest assured that it is not a news of ‘nine days wonder’  but a solid fact …..that Track  and  field  superstar  Usain  Bolt  will  be  back  in  business  in  ten  days’ time.

The  triple  world  record  holder  who hails from Trelawny,  pulled  out  after  his  semi-final  run  at  the  JAAA/National  Championships  last  Friday  because  of  injury . He went to Switzerland where medical examinations have  reportedly confirmed that he suffered a slight elongation.

Elongation refers to the situation where a muscle is stretched beyond its limit, in Bolt’s case his hamstring.

The examination was done  by Bolt’s physician,   Doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt.

following  his  withdrawal  from the  National  Championships the sprinter  tweeted  that  he  had  suffered  a  grade  two  tear  of  his  hamstring.

The meeting took place in Switzerland, because the German practitioner is currently in Evian, near the Franco-Helvetian border with the  German  national  football  team  which  is  getting  ready  for  the  Euro 2016  semi-final.

The  six  time  Olympic  gold  medallist  is  reportedly  now  heading  to  Munich   to undergo additional examinations and begin the   healing process.

He is expected to remain in Munich until the end of the week.

He  is  also  expected  to  be  back  on the  track  as  schedule  at  the  Diamond  League  meeting  in  London later  this  month.

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