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Shauna Chyn faces heat over hotel bills - Threatens to sue to clear name

Dancehall artiste Shauna Chyn says she is currently in discussions with her lawyer on how best to handle a situation that has arisen between her and a Ocho Rios-based bed and breakfast establishment.

Chyn, in an interview withTHE WEEKEND STAR, denied claims by the establishment's marketing manager Homar Gayle that she left a bill of more than $43,000 after staying three nights there late last month. She says Gayle has been tarnishing her name and reputation with these claims and reveals she is looking at filing a defamation of character law suit against.

"I am now talking to my attorney so tell this man that I'm ready. She's telling me the right channels to go through with this one. I'm not playing with these people this year," she said.

The entertainer, who provided THE WEEKEND STAR with a receipt for food purchased during her stay at the hotel, said she gave Gayle a sum of $20,000 before her arriving at the hotel as payment for the two rooms booked under her name. According to her, the rooms cost $11,000 per room per night. She admitted to only owing the establishment $2,000 pointing out that she was willing to settle arrears for that amount, but was unwilling to pay anything other than that.




When THE WEEKEND STAR spoke to Gayle he said he never received any money from the entertainer as the arrangement was for her to settle her account upon check out. He claimed that Chyn left the hotel under the impression that she would return and it was only when they discovered the room keys on the bed in her room that they realised that she had bailed on the bill.

"I will tell her to proceed and do whatever she needs to do," he said, when told that Chyn plans to sue him. "Everyone knows she came to the hotel, stayed, accumulated this bill, and left without paying ... I have proof and I will go to court when she is ready. I am getting the company lawyer ready as well so tell her to do what she needs to do".

When THE WEEKEND STAR asked Gayle whether he had a signed contract between Chyn and anyone at the hotel as proof that she had agreed to the 'pay when you leave' deal, he said no as the arrangement was a verbal one. He pointed out that having gone that route with the entertainer before, he did not anticipate any problems as everything had gone smoothly the first time around.

Gayle told THE WEEKEND STAR that the matter was reported to the Ocho Rios police. However, when THE WEEKEND STAR contacted the station, a policeman said there was no record of such a report being filed. Chyn, however, confirmed that an officer did get in touch with her about the whole fiasco.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted that police officer he confirmed his attachment to the Ocho Rios police, but explained that no formal report was made as Gayle contacted him as a friend to advise Chyn to settle her debt.




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