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  • BREAKING NEWS!! Toddler killed in hit & run in Ocho Rios! [GRUESOME VIDEO]

    Ocho Rios.
    Her son got hit .. apparently he was walking behind her while they were all crossing the bypass … when he got hit, the mother picked up her dead son, positioned him in a standing position as if he were still alive standing

    She then hugged and wailed, bawling for anyone to help; but it was too late .. !! That’s his sister in the green tshirt .. she lost it .. I have never watched anything so painful inna mi life. This happened yesterday afternoon!

    The driver of the motor vehicle later turned herself in at the nearest police station in fear of her own life

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  • BREAKING NEWS!! Truth revealed. Khajeel Mais allegedly killed by Patrick Powell’s son!

    After years of waiting in agony and heartbreak, the family of 17 year old Khajeel Mais has only been left in turmoil after the man accused of murdering their son in a taxi walked free.

    Patrick Powell walked free on October 24th after a prosecution could not adequately support their claims after their key witness changed his statement. Jamaicans were outraged.


    Just 24 hours after the end to the controversial case, there are allegations rising from the ash. Allegations from a source within the justice system has claimed that it was in fact, Patrick Powell’s 26 year old son, Jahnai Powell who committed the murder of Khajeel Mais.

    Jahnai Powell had also been arrested 2011 after he and others were alleged to have crippled a man in 2009. The current allegations are that junior Powell is the one who shot and killed Khajeel Mais, but senior Powell took the blame as he knew it would be harder on his son, and it could not actually be proven that he was on the scene.

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  • Young Mother Shot Dead By The Father Of Her Children!

    A young mother affectionately called Crissy, was shot and killed by the father of her child late last night. Per reports, Crissy was killed because she wanted out of the relationship. After an argument between her and the father of her children, she left for home. He showed up at her house a short time later, where the argument continued. Her brother walked in during the argument.  The boyfriend was instructed to leave. Thinking that he would have left, the brother exited the room  into the yard. It’s was then that he heard the shots, ran back inside and watched in horror as Crissy’s lifeless body in a pool of blood; in front of her children. The police was summoned and the boyfriend took off running. Crissy was a twenty-six year old mother of two young children! 

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  • BREAKING NEWS: Jamaicans WARNED to be on the look out for DOG & DONKEY meat for the holidays! [MUST WATCH SHOCKING VIDEO]

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — As news circulate about the possibility of ‘plastic’ rice being in the Jamaican market, Jamaicans are also being urged to be vigilant when purchasing meat for consumption.

    The warning comes from head of Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Dr Osbil Watson, who was speaking at a press conference today at the Jamaica Customs Agency at Newport East, in Kingston.

    The press conference was called to address media reports of the distribution of ‘plastic rice’ in Jamaica, which today prompted the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) to temporarily cease the clearance of rice at all ports of entry.

    When responding to a question raised about past allegations of dog and donkey meat being distributed locally, Dr Watson urged consumers to be vigilant.

    He pointed out that it is the consumer’s duty to ensure that they verify the origins of meats they purchase and added that, so far, no one who might be involved in selling such meats has been found.


    He admitted that he is aware that horsemeat has the potential to be offered for sale from European markets, but insisted that the Government is vigilant in safeguarding consumers.


    He said: “We have our officers at our port of entries to verify, as much as possible, that the products that are being imported comply with our local laws and meat requirements.”

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  • The Face Of A Murderer! Wanted For The Murder Of JC Student!

    Look out for the murderer 

    The deceased has been identified as 14-year-old Nicholas Francis.

    Francis was reportedly on a Toyota Coaster bus, travelling along Old Hope Road, when a man demanded his phone.

    After resisting the man's demand, the boy was reportedly stabbed in the chest and hand. He was taken to the University Hospital of the West Indies where he was pronounced dead.

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