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NO MONEY NO HOUSE: Hard Working Woman Jump to Her Death in Bronx,NY

A viral video with what appears to be a woman bleeding from the nose is the talk on social media with allegations that she had jumped from a building in Coop City, Bronx NY.

Extract form source: "This lady work and send her money home to her family to build a house. She went home and no money no house she had nothing. She took it to heart went crazy and jumped off a building in Coop City in the Bronx"

Its so sad you cant even trust your family', a commentator wrote.



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  • That guy Added It is not fake she really jumped but she was 15 yrs old and jumped because she was being bullied
  • Cal Added I hope y’all know this is fake
  • Sander Brown Added I would kill who ever is involve before I kill myself
  • Leniah Added Family members Who enjoy doing these things, take a moment to think about ‘ that’ evil that your creating on yourselves and the people you most cherished. It’s a KARMA, be careful of your own demons when you are the ones who create them
  • Sandy Added I send a little money to give my sister to put in my account for me until I go jamaica. I trust her. She put it in and send me the receipt. God bless her. It's not much but its all I have. Some family so greedy that why you finding them in bushes dead.
  • S. Reid Added :frowning2::frowning2::frowning2: can't trust family these days well not all family but majority that is why I don't deal with one side of family they aren't good..... But I hope she's ok and learn her lesson and move on god will provide sister
  • PETRONA FERRIGON Added Sad indeed!

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