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How to Speak Jamaican

  1. how to speak jamaicanWhat is the Jamaican Language? The Language of Jamaica is called “Patois.” It is officially english, with spanish, African, and french influences. We call it “Jamaican Patois.”
  2. How To speak Jamaican Language – It is very easy to speak Jamaican Patois. Below I have listed a few simple rules to help learn to speak Jamaican.

 Rules for speaking Jamaican.

  • jamaican womenJamaicans do not pronounce their “H.s”
  • Jamaicans do not pronounce “th” sounds
  • Jamaicans drop the “s” if it is followed by a “t”
  • Jamaicans do not pronounce “ss” the way the west does, they often pronounce it as “ash” or “osh”

Examples of Jamaican Patois Sounds

  • English Word, “Work”- Becomes “Werk” in Jamaican Patois
  • English Word “House” – Becomes “Ouse” in jamaican Patois
  • English Word “Thing” – Becomes “Ting” in Jamaican Patois
  • English Word “Strong” – Becomes “Trong” in Jamaican Patois
  • English Word “String”- Becomes “Tring” in Jamaican Patois
  • English Word “Mattress” – Becomes “Matrash” in Jamaican Patois
  • English Word “Moss” – Becomes “Mosh” in Jamaican Patois

Not all Jamaicans speak Jamaican Slang/Jamaican Patois

These examples are not applicable to every Jamaican person. So, they are not absolute every time. When you meet a Jamaican, don’t assume that they will pronounce their words in this way. Some, do and some do not.

Jamaican Translations of typical Statements in Jamaica

  • You are Fat! – You are Sexy
  • Nice Girl – Sexy girl I would like to speak with you
  • Fat Bumper – Nice bottom (a*s)
  • How you so sweet? – You are very attractive!
  • Fi Real? – really

Jamaican Rastafari Translations

  • Zion – Heaven
  • Irie _ Feeling Good
  • Rastafari – bless, Well being, God in all things
  • Blessed Love – Love and Blessings
  • Everything is Everything – Everything is alright (because Jah is in Control)

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