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  • Ganja worth over $16 m seized at Kingston Terminal

    Detectives attached to the Narcotics Division have arrested a truck driver under the Dangerous Drugs Act (DDA) following the seizure of over $16 million worth of ganja at the Kingston Terminal in Kingston on Friday, March 09.

    Charged is 25-year-old Ravando Allen, truck driver of a Kingston 11 address.

    He was charged with: possession of ganja, dealing in ganja, conveyance, conspiracy to export ganja

    Reports are that about 9:30 a.m., routine checks were being made at the terminal when a container was seen with non-genuine seals. The Police were contacted and the container searched.

    The search yielded thirty-seven bags containing a total of 747 parcels of compressed ganja weighing approximately 4083 pounds (1852 kilograms). The illicit drug has an estimated street value of $16,332,000 JMD.

    Further investigations led the police to Allen who was taken into custody. He was interviewed in the presence of his lawyer and formally charged for breaching the DDA.

    He is scheduled to appear before the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on Wednesday, March 14.

    Investigations are still ongoing.


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  • Church Planning Massive Parade To Counteract Carnival

    As a direct counteraction to the annual carnival road march that some say contributes to havoc in Jamaica, the local church community is fine-tuning plans for a massive parade in the Corporate Area on October 27 this year.

    The event is months away, but organisers, Maranatha Ministries, anticipate a mega turnout

    of thousands from every denomination - an idea copied from an event in Canada called Jesus in the City, Toronto, hence the chosen name for the parade, Jesus in the City, Jamaica.

    Canadian pastor Ayanna Solomon, president and founder of Jesus in the City, told The Gleaner that during their marches, carnival revellers unknowingly pay homage to Satan.

    "The Devil was the worship leader in Heaven who eventually began leading people to worship him. When revellers dance on the streets, that is a form of worship, and people don't realise it. As they express passion for lust, something is released in the atmosphere that condones certain lifestyles, even homosexuality," Solomon claimed.

    According to Maranatha Ministries pastor the Reverend Bobby McIntosh: "Jamaica is faced with the most serious crimes, and the Church has no response. If there was ever a time, now is the time for the Church to come together. Carnival takes centre stage and is a celebration of flesh and immoralities.


    Rebirth Coming


    "As a matter of fact, the Government is pumping millions into carnival. One of the themes that has been used by carnival is "rebirth". Rebirth of what? Only God knows," McIntosh told The Gleaner yesterday at a pastors breakfast at the Knutsford Court Hotel in St Andrew.

    "But the Church is prophesying a rebirth to bring back godliness," he said. "The Church has to rise. I was inspired when I saw 30,000 people from different churches from all over Toronto four years ago. The mayor shut down the entire downtown Toronto to accommodate the parade stretching miles. Everyone was dancing and worshipping. It was just amazing."


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  • Man Raped by His Own Father Tried Suicide Seven Times But Didn't Die

    Two Jamaican males have decided they will no longer suffer in silence and have come forward with horrifying stories about how they were 'raped' by other males.

    One of the men, George Brown*, a security guard, said his father raped him repeatedly for five years.

    And Paul Black*, who now resides in Canada, said he became suicidal after a family friend took advantage of him.

    "It started when I was seven and lasted until I was about 13 or so. By age nine, everything that is seen on American TV was done to me. The ordeal was cruel," Black said.


    In the case of Brown, he claimed that it was his own father that made his life a nightmare.

    "Me try put it a the back a me mind and shut it out, but it nah work at all. A nuff time you hear dem tings deh happen to girls, but it happen to a lot of youth too. And like we just hide it cause we nuh waah get labelled as fish," he said.

    Brown explained that his father, who was well-respected in the community, began violating him at age 14. "We lived with my stepmom in St Catherine. My mother lived in another parish.


    One Friday night after we finish watching Entertainment Report, me get up and tell him me a go a mi bed, and him hug me up and say, 'Me son, me love yuh'. And when him a let me go, him kiss me on me lips," he said.

    Brown said his father must have noticed the shock on his face because he quickly assured him that he was just playing his fatherly role.

    "Me call me madda and tell her, and she tell me say a lie me a tell, a true me nuh like the strict life," he said.

    Brown said that he brushed the matter aside after a few weeks because there was not a repeat of the incident.

    "He went about his way like nothing happened until I told myself that maybe I was over thinking. But me did wrong because one night him come from work and me stepmom did a sleep and me just feel him on top a me. Me too shame to talk wah happen next," he said.


    Brown said the assaults continued, and each encounter would become worst, especially while he was preparing for CXC.

    "Di dutty man stay up all night and watch di show (for English Literature), and a get erection and a tell me to come sit in his lap. Me fail the exam miserably," he said.

    Brown said the abuse stopped after he confided in a neighbour who threatened his father and told him that he was going to report him to the authorities.

    He said that his father denied the allegations, saying the stories were fabricated. The neighbour, he said, made contact with his mother who eventually came and took him to live with her.


    Brown said he and his father are not on speaking terms. He stated that he is undergoing several counselling sessions, but he still has major anger and trust issues.

    "Me confront him more than once about what he did to me and him act like him clueless to what me a talk bout. Me have a girlfriend, and not even she me nuh tell what happen to me," he said.

    Black also has a similar story of abuse. In his case, it was a male family friend who violated him.


    "The night before I did my Common Entrance Examination, I was badly abused to the point where I passed out and woke up to this man still having his way with me. I went to school the next day with hand towel padding my brief as I was still bleeding badly," he said.

    "I didn't tell my father because he was a very 'dark' man and wouldn't believe. I tried to give him hints though, but the man nearly cut me throat. I want to tell my parents, but I think the shame that would accompany such scenario would be endless," Brown added.

    Brown said that his sex life is basically non-existent, and the ordeal has left him on the verge of committing suicide.

    "Every time I get naked, the scars are there to tell the tale. I am still a virgin. I will never change in a locker room at work because seeing another man naked terrifies me," he said.


    "I've tried suicide seven times most recent last December. A year ago, I took a bottle of Paracetamol and two bottles of sleeping tablets altogether. I spent two and a half days in the hospital, and had to stop from work for a month," he said, insisting that parents need to communicate with their kids.

    Brown has never reported the matter to the police.

    * Names changed to protect identities | Source: The Star

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  • I want back my baby' - Woman searches for son 16 years after he disappeared

    Janet Hardie turned 44 years old yesterday. But this St Ann businesswoman was in no mood to celebrate. In fact, she has not done so since March 10, 2002, the day her baby, Rojay King, disappeared without a trace.

    "I feel like a zombie," Hardie said yesterday, nothing that tomorrow will mark the 16th anniversary of her son's disappearance.

    The young mother, her son, and a group of friends had gone to the Laughing Waters beach to celebrate her birthday that occurred two days earlier.

    A fun-filled day quickly darkened as her five year old son, Rojay, disappeared from the beach after she stepped about 10 feet away from him to answer a telephone call. She said she had been gone for fewer than two minutes and her son was making a sandcastle.

    "I glanced up to check on Rojay and he wasn't there. He wasn't in the same spot I had seen him just minutes before," said Hardie.

    “I would give a million dollars or more just to find him," Hardie told THE WEEKEND STAR.

    The group searched the entire beach, with almost everyone there that day helping out. Divers from a nearby resort were summoned and spent hours at sea looking for the boy, but there was no sign of him nor any clue about what had happened. Fellow beachgoers were adamant that the boy did not drown as they were sure someone would have noticed him in difficulty. Also, Hardie reasoned that he was keen on the sandcastle he was building just moments before he disappeared and it is unlikely he would have just got up and gone into the water, abandoning his creation.

    Wound still open 

    "Its tough. It is raw and it hurt so bad. I had another child after but that wound is never close. I have got baptised so I my faith is strong that he will be found. I don’t celebrated birthday anymore because it reminds me so much of the incident that happen two days after my birthday,” she said.

    “There are times when I said 'God, it better him did dead because I would have closure.'"

    She had a nervous breakdown and ended up being admitted to hospital a few hours after she realised that her son was missing.

    “I wanted to die then, and I was even on suicide watch but I want to live now.  I am OK financially but I am still not happy. Sometimes I try to be happy but a part of me is missing. Although my other son doesn’t know him, he is suffering. There are days when he would say 'mom, I want a sibling',  and to know that he has a brother out there who disappeared, without a trace, is heartbreaking,” she said.

    Hardie is convinced her son was kidnapped. She said she has forgiven his kidnappers. She just wants to see Rojay, who is now 21 years old.

    “There is absolutely nothing that I wouldn't do now to see my son. I want him to know that he has a mom and that I din’t give him away. I want him to know that he was just snatched away from me,” she said.

    Hardie said that she had made numerous attempts to locate him, only to be scammed numerous times by unscrupulous persons claiming to know his whereabouts.

    “People trick me say dem see him and me all rent car fi go for him and it was a wild-goose chase. Even police trick me too so I have been there. It really messed up to see how people would abuse certain situations and don’t know the pain they are adding to what is already a painful situation,” she said.


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  • Woman And Babyfather Killed 2nd Babyfather at Motel in Kingston

    A woman accused of luring her baby father to a motel in Kingston, where she and the father of another of her children allegedly stabbed and chopped him to death last June, was yesterday remanded when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

    Nikeisha Robinson is facing a charge of murder in relation to the gruesome murder of Patrick Hazel whose body was found cut in two inside the bathroom of a room she is said to have booked.

    According to the police report, on June 16, at 8:30 am, the complainant and her co-accused checked into the hotel on Gretna Green Avenue in Kingston 11.

    It is further alleged that sometime after 2:00 pm Robinson lured Hazel to the hotel where she and her alleged accomplice stabbed and chopped him to death.


    It is also alleged that while the victim was being attacked hotel workers heard cries of “murder” coming from the room and went to check, but were allegedly told by Robinson that they were just playing.

    The report also said that Robinson's accomplice went to the door without a shirt, corroborated her story and said that they tore off his shirt.

    Later, Robinson and her accomplice left the hotel.

    The following day a janitor went inside the bathroom of the room that Robinson had booked and found Hazel's body with multiple chop and stab wounds.

    On June 21, Robinson was taken into custody and placed on an identification parade where she was positively identified before she was charged. Police are, however, yet to arrest her accomplice as he is still on the run.

    Yesterday when she appeared in court, the matter was scheduled for an April 6 hearing in the Committal Court and Robinson was remanded.

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