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5 Things i Wonder About Dancer Marvin and The Dancehall

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i refuse to include the original video in my vlog but if you haven't seen the video it's here:


IG: @mooremayhem and @mooretivation

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  • king Added That was not the jamaica I know when I was living their....that is sin and it put jamaica Queens as just whose thing that is the way go on..... them people are worldshipping the sex demon.... They need god.
  • Mya Added omg, I don't how old or new this is but omg... weh deh people dem of Jamaica deh. I mean the idea that these things can happen in the public eye and the worst part about it is nobody did anything at least not on the video. I am ashamed sometimes when it comes to our generation. Big up yu self @mooremayhem. With enough awareness maybe things will change. She didn't like it and she didn't want it, and it's pure f...ry
  • Kim Added I saw the video and my blood was boiling. I was wondering why on earth everyone stood there with their camera recording it. If you have the time to record it, you have the time to stop it. Nothing was funny about that. But like you said, just imagine what would have happen behind close doors. It just makes me sick to my stomach that all these folks stood there laughing and did not one bloody thing to help her. But they say, Karma has no respect for no one.